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The ROI of customer success

by | September 7, 2023 | Agency, Work

What is customer success?

We all know that customer success is important. However, that being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to apply it and integrate it into our business. At some point in our lives, we’ve all encountered a bot or automated message system from a company that was a complete disconnect from what we actually wanted. Consequently, marketing must now be seen as a complete end-to-end journey, where we as businesses can connect the dots for consumers and clients, delivering something beyond their expectations. The key is to underpromise and overdeliver.

The need for customer success

More and more companies are starting to rely on returning revenue, which comes from clients who keep coming back. This lowers the overall cost of acquiring new customers in the long term. As a result, returning customers is becoming the key to growth when it comes to doing business. 87% of leaders now say that customer experience is their main growth engine. There are a few key components that are so important and why customer experience plays a bigger role in business success.

  • It builds a strong relationship
  • Creates higher customer satisfaction
  • Builds trust in long term

We already talked about having as much interaction with the customer as possible. The more you talk to your customer, the more you’re able to deliver the best experience and deliver top-notch results. You can only deliver that when having a strong foundation of trust which comes from having a lasting and durable relationship with the customer. When talking with clients, we tend to forget that this also can positively affect the whole business. Not just solely the “customer department”.

Even more benefits

If you thought that was about it, there is one more thing that’s incredibly powerful when creating customer success. Happy customers tend to become brand advocates, which creates a leverage effect in which your clients do the marketing for you; worth of mouth is one the most powerful ones in certain businesses.

Customer success vs. Customer experience

There might be some need for clarification when it comes to customer success and customer experience. In customer success, a business tries to understand the how of the customer, how the customer becomes knowledgeable and uses a product or service from a company to become successful. This focuses solely on the objectives and the long-term growth of the customer.

Customer experience zooms in on the customer journey the person has to go through. They look at the current situation and try to identify the issues that the customer has. The end goals is to optimise every interaction and make it as meaningless as possible.