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Jeff Pinder

CEO + Founder

Jeff Pinder, the visionary founder and director of Burst Creative, dedicated to revolutionizing brand strategies across evolving platforms. With a background in Fine Arts and a human-centered ethos, he empowers Canadian and global brands alike. Jeff’s artistic journey began at the University of Manitoba, honing his aesthetic sense, followed by impactful work with at-risk youth through ‘Art City.’ Further enriching his expertise, he pursued Classical Animation at VanArts. Burst Creative, a Vancouver-based digital agency, drives genuine user connections through contemporary design. Their holistic approach breaks down client needs, fostering a people-centric culture that leverages their team’s extensive collective experience spanning over a decade.

“Keep pushing the unimaginable.”

As the leader with a remarkable team by my side, we’re on an unwavering quest for the unimaginable. Together, we confront the challenges that small businesses encounter—scaling the peaks and navigating the valleys of uncertainty. With steadfast determination, we persistently race forward, one step at a time, defying the odds that attempt to block our path.